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07 September 2009 @ 02:04 pm
The sands of time wait for no man (or angel) (TEAM HEAVEN)  

Title: The sands of time wait for no man (or angel)
Author: [info]martyred_wings 
Characters/Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, Sam,
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: see pairing. If you’re not into the Dean/Castiel pairing, please don’t read. Also some slight breath play at the end.
Summary:  Dean looked out of the motel room window, watched the snow falling down upon the ground outside, flowing across the grass in serried drifts, covering the Earth in its cold embrace.
Word Count: 1958 words

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, but want Castiel for Christmas.
A/N:   Written for the [info]spn_teamfic   prompt of an egg timer, the challenge bearing the title “Sands of time.”




Dean looked out of the motel room window, watched the snow falling down upon the ground outside, flowing across the grass in serried drifts, covering the Earth in its cold embrace. Dean sighed, morosely, thoughts playing back over the day he’d lived through, that Castiel almost hadn’t. He thought again of the revenant he’d tracked down with Sam, had almost dispatched of, before the revenant had broken free, grabbed a hold of the newly arrived Castiel, threatened to rip his exposed wings from his back, teeth bared, aiming for the angel’s neck.

Dean blinked in pain, had felt the sands of time flowing through him, sand that was not for himself but for Castiel. He’d surged forward, machete gripped between angry fingers, a scream falling from between parted lips as he hacked at the revenant’s body, hacked even when the thing was in pieces at his feet, no longer a threat, or a menace to Castiel any longer.

Sam had pulled him away, free from the space where the pieces of revenant lay, took him to a corner of the large warehouse, Castiel following slowly behind, looking virtually unruffled, undamaged bar several handfuls of feathers missing from his impressive wings. The angel looked typically confused, yet when Dean looked into the angel’s deep blue eyes, he saw gratitude held deep within, love shining through the gratitude, as though the angel knew that Dean had ripped the revenant to pieces for him, knew that it had almost killed Dean to see the angel in danger.

Dean had pulled away from his brother, pressed an urgent kiss to Castiel’s lips, had clamped his hand behind the angel’s neck and worked his lips hungrily against the velvet warmth of Castiel’s mouth, until the angel yielded, responded with just as much force as Dean. The angel wrapped tender hands about the hunter’s waist, fingers caressing Dean’s hips, as Sam had stood back and watched, touched by the show of affection, obvious desperate need shown between the lovers.

Dean blinked, came back to the present moment with an effort, helped on his way by Castiel silently padding up behind him, to wrap his arms around his waist, to rest his chin upon Dean’s shoulder, to also stare out at the snow falling outside.

“You okay?” Castiel asked, his voice dark, sensuous, rich against his ear, an almost purr that cut the air intimately between them.

Dean paused - was he? - then he nodded, knew that he was, at least now. Castiel was safe, alive, here with him, all the damage that he’d received was few missing feathers. He felt stupid asking if the feathers would grow back, so remained silent.

“Yeah. You?” the hunter replied, turning to face Castiel, to stare into the angel’s impossibly blue eyes, so sincere in their warmth, their love, Dean smiled.

Castiel nodded that slow, enigmatic smile, his mysterious blue gaze never leaving Dean’s for an instant. He smiled a rare smile, his ripe lips curling at the corners in the most come hither of manners, his eyes lighting up with extra warmth.

“I thought I was gonna lose you, Cas. Back there, in the warehouse. I don’t know what I would have done if you’d - gone,” Dean admitted, sounded uncomfortable with even saying that much.

“But you didn’t. I’m still here,” Castiel replied, his voice husky, as he leant in, to press impossibly soft lips against Dean’s.

Dean’s thoughts fled, disintegrated into meaningless words as the angel’s kiss invaded him, made him feel whole, wanted, loved, needed, lost in Castiel himself. He gave everything back, wanted the angel to know just how much he loved him, needed him, wanted him there always, forever, his.

“Cas,” Dean said, quietly, when the kiss ended. “Cas, I love you.”

He leant his forehead against the angel’s shoulder, felt Castiel cradle him in patien, loving arms, repeated his declaration of love agiain as Castiel made shushing noises gently in his ear at the sudden rush of tears from the hunter.

“I love you too,” Castiel said gently, his voice calming, gentle, loving, as he stroked his fingers gently across Dean‘s back..

He waited, cheek pressed against Dean’s ear until the tears had calmed, Dean was calm, against him. He waited still, until Dean pulled away, wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers, winced slightly, before he offered a shaky, yet brave smile to Castiel.

“I’m good,” he said. ”Sam still next door?”

Castiel cocked his head, as though listening, eyes distant, before sliding back to Dean’s face, nodded slowly once more.

“He’s asleep,” he said, with a slow blink.

Dean nodded, eyes flickering down at Castiel’s body, hands following suit soon after, smoothing down Castiel’s tie, before easing back up again, to slowly push the angel’s trench coat from his shoulders. Castiel let the coat fall to the floor, eyes closing for an all too brief instant, full, ripe lips parting, as he felt Dean strip his suit jacket from around him, the slightly chill air seeping through the thin fabric of his short, made him shiver.

His fingers trembled against Dean’s hips, moved slightly, didn’t stop Dean when he undid his tie, dropped it to the floor and stole a kiss from his pouting mouth. The angel kissed him back, felt Dean’s fingers work at his shirt buttons, pulling the material from his pants, drawing his arms from the sleeves while they still kissed, breath blasting, tickling from their nostrils. The kiss ended, Castiel pulled away slightly, his lips swollen, eyes closed, cheeks slightly flushed in the light.

He felt Dean step in closer, unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants, to push them to the floor, hand brushing, lingering across the beginnings of Castiel’s arousal. He stroked again, rubbing at the angel’s dick until he was fully erect and gasping, hips thrusting hard into Dean’s hand, eyes staring blindly up at the ceiling, lips parted sensuously, begging to be kissed, received one.

Dean reluctantly pulled his hand away, stripped off hastily, kicked his boots, his jeans, his boxers away from his feet, shivering slightly in the chill air, before he sat on the edge of the nearby bed. He looked up at Castiel, caught Castiel’s fleeting smile, smiled back before he scooted further onto the bed, feet hanging from the end, soles exposed to the air.

Castiel climbed onto the bed beside him, covered Dean’s body with his own, soft, silken skin rubbing sensuously against Dean’s, made Dean groan in sudden, perfect satisfaction, anticipation and need, all caught up within one note. The angel’s soul shuddered, eyes fluttering closed, wings stuttering in the light as they slowly unfurled, sweeping down, around them both, encasing them both in feathers, warmth, purity.

Dean kissed one wing, felt the stifling heat of the wing press against his face, groaned with sudden want as he bucked his hips against Castiel’s, created friction between their dicks as the angel tilted Dean’s face away from his wing, to his lips, claimed Dean’s mouth against his own, soft silken lips working hungrily against Dean’s. The kiss was wet, messy, open mouthed, tongues fucking desperately into each other’s mouths, before Castiel pulled away, reached for the lube he knew was in Dean’s bag wordlessly, before he uncapped it, squeezed some out across his fingers, slicking up the digits with the cool liquid, lips parted as he concentrated.

Dean watched the small crease between Castiel’s dark eyebrows, the small frown that darkened Castiel’s blue gaze, the way his swollen lips pushed out, looked ripe, fuller than ever, and Dean groaned loudly, in want, need, must have, as he bucked his hips against Castiel’s. He wrapped his legs around the angel’s waist, heels secure against Castiel’s ass, moaned at the feel of Castiel’s finger gently caressing across the tight ring of muscle surrounding his hole.

Castiel watched as Dean’s eyes fluttered closed, long eyelashes tight against his cheeks, decorating the freckled skin, as Dean’s breath hitched expectantly deep within his throat. He breached Dean’s hole, eased one finger inside his velvet warmth, waited against the initial resistance he met, until the pain, the burn, the reluctance passed and Dean let him in. Castiel eased his finger further in, caught his lip between his teeth at the sound of his lover moaning loudly for him, started easing Dean wider, more open, lips parting as the hunter started fucking himself hard against his hand, soon adding another finger when he thought Dean was ready for it.

He started rutting against Dean, rubbing his dick desperately against the hunter in his need, wanted to be inside Dean, feel him pressed tight around his dick, pleasuring him. He eased his fingers from Dean, slicked up his cock with lube covered hand, before he eased his cock inside his hunter, eyes closed against the delicious feel of Dean surrounding him.

He slowly, slowly eased further in, waited until Dean fully relaxed around him before sheathing himself inside Dean, a sigh of pleasure escaping his lips as he felt Dean wrapped tight, snug around him. He started moving, thrusting inside Dean, pleasure, excitement soon coursing through him, as Dean fucked himself onto Castiel’s dick eagerly.

Dean reached for one of Castiel’s wings eagerly, gripped it within his fingers, dragged it closer to his body, pressed his face against the feathers, kissed them, probed them with his tongue, lapped across their pure surfaces eagerly. Shudders coursed through Castiel’s body at the extra contact, begged Dean not to stop when Dean started to pull away, cried out when Dean pressed his face once more against his wing, biting at the feathers playfully, a chuckle falling from hunter’s lips against the feathers.

Dean’s eyes fluttered closed, felt the press of feathers against his cheeks, the heavy weight of Castiel’s wing pressing more firmly against his face, restricting his breathing, his air flow as the angel continued to thrust hard inside the hunter. Dean cried out in sudden pleasure, the restriction of air adding to his ever increasing orgasm pushing behind his navel, cries turning to almost screams as he struggled to breathe.

He felt the sands of time trickle away from him, breathing becoming labored against the heavy wing, as his orgasm ripped through him, intensified by the lack of oxygen to his system and he came, released himself in thick strands without touching himself across his abdomen, across his lover’s abdomen, as finally Castiel moved his wing, let Dean breathe again. The hunter gasped for air, dragged life giving oxygen back into his lungs once more, still shuddering from the most intense orgasm he’d ever had in his life, feeling weak, sated, pleasured, happy, more alive as he felt, heard Castiel come, filling Dean with his release with a loud cry of Dean’s name.

The angel shuddered against Dean, wings snapping out to catch the light, fluttering slightly with the force of his orgasm, face taut with pleasure as he came. He rested his forehead against Dean’s shoulder, bodies still entwined, sweat slick and mingling as Dean cradled Castiel’s head in his hand, dropped kisses against exposed skin, wherever he could reach.

They remained as they were, hearts racing, perfectly matched, breathing labored, bodies entangled, with Castiel still sheathed inside Dean. The hunter held his angel close, felt love flood through him, smiled when Castiel raised his perfect blue gaze to Dean’s, saw intense love mirrored in his gaze. They shared a sated smile, before Castiel slowly withdrew, to curl his body against Dean’s, one wing covering them both to keep them warm.

Dean felt safe, comforted, protected, loved, drifted slowly into pleasured sleep while Castiel remained watching over him through the night ....




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