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18 September 2009 @ 06:22 pm
Time Flews By. (Team Hell)  
Title: Time Flews By.
Author: andrea_deer.
Characters/Pairing(s): Alistair. Dean, John.
Rating: PG-13 or less.
Warnings: insinuations of tortures, but nothing graphic. Hell.
Spoilers/Timeline: 4x16 for certain, I don’t think anything post that one.
Summary: Alistair just waits for them to break. He couldn’t wait to get ride of John and he couldn’t wait for Dean to join them.
Word Count: 550
Disclaimer: All Kripke’s.


Alistair hated John Winchester since the very first day the hunter spent on the rack. Perhaps, hatred was too heated to cover what he felt. He was disgusted and annoyed by the man. He despised him more with every passing day of John repeating ‘no’ to his offer. Demons were getting impatient, some dared to question Alistair’s capabilities. He didn’t prove them wrong right away. He took his time. When they were later coming off the rack again, they were too humble to look him in the eyes and apologize properly.
They were indeed wasting time with the Winchester. Of course, it’s not like they could do much more right now, but John proved to be much harder to break than they expected. Alistair noted that Azazel was weirdly proud at the fact, as if he’d be insulted if he was fighting with a minor hunter. Alistair personally thought it was built mostly on the fact that Azazel never were with John, when the man was on the rack. His body being rebuild just to be ripped again, and Alistair asked once again for him to join them. And John always said no. And if it was an answer driven by strength of spirit, Alistair perhaps would be slightly impressed. But it never was.
John said ‘no’ for many reasons. Alistair stopped thinking about them or listening to them long time ago. He was almost sure that time for him dragged as slow as it did for John. Perhaps that’s how they ended up spending one hundred years together. And John always refused the offer to get off the rack.

‘No, I didn’t do it to become one of you. I have morals, you son of a bitch.’

‘No, you can’t make me. I’d never be a monster like you.’

‘…I may suffer, but I’m doing it, so my boy can live…’

‘…I’d rather suffer then end up a demon.’

‘…my suffering has meaning too…’

‘…greater good…’

Alistair was sick of listening to John after a week, he always started his tortures by cutting out his tongue. He was on his lasts reserves of patience, when John managed to escape and for the power of Lucifer, Alistair couldn’t make himself feel bad about this escape. He was ready to pray to never encounter someone like that again. Someone so stupidly stubborn that he was blinded to see reason. And then, of course, he met Dean.

‘Add to that a girl, some good whisky and an apple-pie and I’ll think about it.’

‘You never get bored with that question?’

‘Fuck off, you dirty son of a bitch.’

‘Ouch. Was that my throat?’

‘Sorry, what did you say? I didn’t hear you the first trillion times.’

Dean never said no to the offer. He implied of course, he didn’t break for the first thirty years, but they both knew the moment was coming. Dean was weaker with every day, no matter how much he tried to hide it. And Alistair was now the one getting impatient. It had nothing to do with the Plan or the angels trying to come to visit. He just waited as time flew by him. He impatiently waited for Dean. He couldn’t stop wondering if the boy who never said ‘no’ to his offer, will ever actually say ‘yes’.
He didn’t.

“Just… Just give me the knives.”

The End.
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