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spn_teamfic's Journal

A Supernatural Team Fic Competition
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Welcome to spn_teamfic. This community is designed to put Supernatural fans against each other in a weekly fan fiction writing competition where they use the characters from the team they sign up for. All fan fiction must be 500 words or more (so 5 drabbles would equal one entry). All genres are welcome including gen, het, and slash, as well as all pairings, as long as the proper warnings are given and entries are tagged with it.

Teams are:
Team Hunters - Captain chosenfire28
Team Hell - Captain blue_icy_rose
Team Heaven - Captain dhfreak

The Team Captains are also the Moderators of the community and if you have any questions just message one of them.

To join a team go HERE

- No flaming other members or negative comments of any kind. Constructive crticism is welcome if th author asks for it but don't be insulting.
- No spamming/promoting other communities or challenges, if you would like to do this please contact one of the mods and get permission.
- Use the appropriate tags for your posts. Entries without the right tags will not be counted for the challenge.
- All fics must have a Title, Disclaimer, Spoilers, and Summary. Any other things are optional (but if you feel there is something you need to warn readers about please do).
- All fics must be under an lj cut, no exceptions. If you do not know how to do this, contact a mod.
- Team centered fanart must be behind a cut.

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